The Brainlift

The Brainlift


The Brainlift

The Brainlift

This is an expanding guide to how your brain and mind work. Erman publishes enjoyable articles on the latest in neuroscience and psychology every week. If you’ve ever asked yourself “why did I do that?” or “is this good for me?”, then The Brainlift is here for you. Some stories are surprising, some are inspirational, and some are just plain terrifying. But I hope all of them are worthwhile and interesting. Sign up for your weekly Brainlift and never miss a single nerve impulse.



Wed 11 - Do Sleep-Tracking Apps Actually Help You Sleep Better?

Fri 6 - What Happens in the Brain When You’re Dreaming


Wed 14 - What Does Willpower Look Like in the Brain?

Tue 6 - The Science of Laughter


Tue 9 - Take Control of Your Jealous Biology

Mon 1 - How Much Time Outdoors Do You Really Need?


Tue 18 - The Social Power of Sleep

Wed 12 - Music Therapy for the Premature Brain


Wed 22 - The Connection Between Probiotics and Your Mood

Wed 15 - The Link Between Polluted Air and Sadness


Mon 29 - How Mind Wandering Boosts Your Creativity

Wed 24 - How People Come Together After Terrorist Attacks (at least on Twitter)

Fri 19 - How Those Who Eat Together, Work Together

Sat 13 - How Humans Are Killing the Ingenuity of Chimpanzees

Wed 3 - The Human Zeal for Adventure Has a Genetic Basis


Tue 26 - How Neurofeedback Is Revolutionizing Stress Management

Wed 13 - How People Actually Behave When They Know Their Genetic Risks

Fri 8 - How to Control Your Emotions and Achieve More

Fri 1 - How Physical Experiences Improve Our Ability to Learn


Tue 26 - How Machines Help Us Cooperate

Mon 25 - Conversation Is Life’s Happy Drug

Wed 20 - This Active Ingredient in Mindfulness Improves Your Social Life

Tue 19 - How the News Media Traumatize Us

Sat 16 - Your ADHD Diagnosis May Depend on Your Birthday

Wed 13 - How to Stop Choking Under Pressure

Sat 9 - Multitasking Is a Myth You Should Believe In

Wed 6 - E-Cigarettes May Be Your Best Hope to Quit Smoking

Tue 5 - Aerobic Exercise Beats Muscle Training in Improving Brain Function


Wed 30 - Psychological Targeting Makes You More Likely to Click “Buy”

Wed 23 - Want Your Friends to Wash Their Hands? Try This Subconscious Nudge

Wed 16 - Love Flicks Your Brain’s Commitment Switch

Sat 5 - Psychopaths Lack Human Social Reflexes



Wed 26 - It Hurts When People Stare Because Their Eyes Are Like Force Beams

Wed 19 - Even Honest People Want a Partner in Crime

Mon 17 - For Better Teamwork, Pump the Brakes on Communication

Sat 8 - Grit? It’s Not All Perseverance, You Need Passion Too

Wed 5 - The Placebo Effect - A Love Story

Tue 4 - Your Brain’s Battle Between Science and Superstition


Wed 28 - We Are United in Our Shame

Tue 27 - Physical Exercise Boosts Your Brain and Mind

Mon 26 - Be Careful with Your Good Mood

Sat 24 - Take Control of Your Attention

Wed 21 - What Our Faces Say About Us

Mon 19 - Why Other-Help Beats Self-Help

Wed 14 - Being Human Among Lions and Gorillas

Wed 7 - The Altruistic Brain


Tue 30 - When Your Brain Brings Life to a Standstill

Fri 26 - Follow Your Heart (No, Literally)

Tue 23 - Curiosity Killed the Human

Sat 20 - The Science of Poetry and the Poetry of Science

Thu 18 - Facebook Knows You Better than You Know Yourself

Tue 16 - Damn It, It’s on the Tip of My Tongue

Thu 11 - The Science of Hypocrisy

Wed 10 - A Hangry Judge Could Ruin Your Life

Sat 6 - When Your Brain Becomes Your Puppetmaster

Thu 4 - The Upsides of Being an Autumn Baby

Mon 1 - Mindfulness Lessons from Science and Children


Sat 29 - Our Bizarre Love for Story Spoilers

Tue 25 - How Music Plays Your Brain

Thu 20 - The Tech That Reads Your Mind and Sees Your Dreams

Wed 19 - One Way Children Are Smarter Than You

Tue 18 - The Bird Who Cried Snake

Fri 14 - In the Future, We May Not Need to Face Our Fears

Thu 13 - How Air Pollution Is Destroying Your Brain

Tue 11 - Stop Assuming They Don’t Like You

Sat 8 - The Day I Embarrassed Myself

Thu 6 - How You’re the Easiest Person to Fool

Tue 4 - This Is Your Brain on the Internet


Thu 30 - Learning, the Easy Way

Mon 27 - How to Spend Money if You Want to Be Happy

Sat 25 - Social Signals: From Awkward Encounters to Best Friends

Fri 24 - When Your Body Is No Longer Yours

Tue 21 - Your Brain’s Battle Between Happiness and Greener Grass

Mon 20 - Creative Sparks and Brainwaves

Sat 18 - The Science of Setting Yourself Up for Success

Thu 16 - You’re a Superhero: Your Brain Can Manipulate Time

Wed 15 - Why Feeling Insignificant Can Be Deeply Empowering